We Took a Time Machine Back to Ancient Egypt!

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Ok, before we get cracking, let’s take a moment to applaud Ubisoft for their insane level of commitment to the detail and accuracy of this game. The landscapes and synchronization viewpoints are breathtakingly beautiful. We’d even go as far as saying it’s probably one of the most mesmerising interfaces and landscapes you’ll set your sights on. The first time you step into Giza you’ll take a short pause to take in the view. Ancient tombs and pyramids surround you, your jaw has hit the flaw in fascination, leaving you wondering ‘how the f**k did they build these things back then?!’.

Right! Let’s get to the good stuff:

Assassin’s Creed: Origins‘ is heavily based on Ancient Egypt, where the game is set around 300BC (Ptolemaic Period). No, Jesus didn’t exist then. So what’s been done here is pretty amazing. The developers and story writers for AC: Origins did some sweet research to bring the Pharaohs back to life, including King Ptolemy and Queen Cleopatra VII (the one everyone knows)! The fact that this franchise is a open-world RPG just makes it even better, especially if you’re an ancient history fanatic like some of the guys at VGT. You can take Bayek and delve deep into the Ancient Pyramids of Giza…like…actually go inside and stuff. There are various true to life elements, but for obvious reasons, other elements are slightly exaggerated.

Ubisoft even incorporated Ancient Roman, Greek and Macedonian history, which tied in with true events back then e.g. Alexander the Great, when he conquered Egypt. Tbh all you can find of him is his dead body in a tomb. But you can have a convo with the other rulers…nice.

Story Line

We don’t want to give away too many spoilers here, so we’ll keep it just sweet enough to leave you wanting more ;).

By Amun, where to begin. So you’re this character called Bayek. He’s a badass. Some arseholes killed his son and now he wants revenge. He wants blood. But he also wants justice for the people of Egypt. You’ll see a short introduction to Bayek’s life with cutscenes of him and his son, up until that fateful day.

Even though you start in Siwa, the story of the Assassin’s Creed leads you to other cities, where there has been developments of corruption, greed, hunger and desperation under the regime of King Ptolemy. You’ll learn more about caste systems (form of ranking amongst communities), Egyptian, Roman and Greek Gods as well as political governance and self gain through the different chapters of Bayek’s journey.

There are times when you feel the grip of Cleopatra’s manipulation and desire to take the throne from Ptolemy, whilst she uses you to do her bidding. Questions will be asked. Are you assassinating the one who deserves to live or die? Is there another agenda? Is this a necessary evil?

This isn’t thing about the story itself. The side missions have A LOT of weighting when it comes to helping the people of Egypt. They are definitely worth the effort you put in for these missions and XP! We’d say the only downside to this is the absolute abundance of side missions. If you’re a gamer that loves a 100% completion rate, you’ll be here for a while…

However, the character development and AI of the NPCs is pretty amazing. It’s not a story you’d want to miss out on!

Game Play

Since AC: Syndicate and AC: Unity, the gameplay has changed slightly, for the better. Don’t get us wrong, the storylines…awesome. But in AC: Origins, the controls feel more natural and there’s almost no bugs and glitches to worry about during your playthrough! Much appreciated, Ubisoft!

As with any Assassin’s Creed game, you still have the parkour style movement, climbing walls, forts, garrisons to temples and palaces. Just to make it clear, this is one area which needed a revamp. The mechanics here are much smoother and easier to perform than with previous games in the series. Compared to the other series, there’s a natural tendency to explore and uncover new areas due to the realistic nature of your in-game surroundings.

Next is the progression system…NO! No loot boxes needed!

So this is an XP based progression system. Usually when we hear XP based progression system we kind of roll our eyes and think “not more grinding to level up on side missions…”. In all honesty, its not as bad as your might think. As mentioned in the story line section (above), the story writer(s) have thought long and hard about this. We enjoyed this aspect of the game as it gave a good insight into the inner working of the governance during this time period and the struggles of Ancient Egypt’s humble residents. The game rewards you for your efforts. The higher your level is, the better your weapons and shields are. These vary in type, effect and rarity. Some give you health on hit, or issue bleeding damage, and they let you cater pretty specifically to your preference of play style.

Trust us when we say level up as much as possible. The main villain won’t be your main worry. You’ll also have smaller bosses that need to be dealt with called Phylakes. These guys are constantly seeking you out and can show up at a level way above yours which is a sure fire death sentence. If you want some advice, run if one shows up and grind hard to get your level up to face them.

The Map is Massive, Guys and Gals:

The map itself is extremely expansive and there is plenty of opportunity to explore in between missions. You can ride a camel across the desert (not recommended unless you want a sore butt). Seriously though, when you take a look at the map of Ancient Egypt in this game, you begin to realise how huge it is. First there’s the individual cities within the map, with Memphis and Alexandria being massive. When you zoom all the way out you’ll notice the two other regions! Now this is more for expansion with the newly released DLC content.

There’s a good reason for such big cities. There’s a crazy amount of content in them. You’ll be able to explore monuments from the Ancient Egyptian era and learn about their origins (get it?!) on your great travels.

The Verdict

AC: Origins is a deep-dive into a truly stunning realization of ancient Egypt, with a rich series of cultures, genuine characters, and more mission variety than any other game in the series., there are enough different weapon types and enough enemy variety to keep you swapping between weapons, I believe the story line, graphics and the way missions seemlesly tie into each other make this one of the best assasin creed games to date.

Verdict: 4.5/5

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